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Pronounciation: /spɔː(r)t ɪz(ə)m/

We are passionate in our quest to facilitate journeys using the universal language of Sports. Sports participation though efficiently planned travel is the most enriching way to foster a winning & sporting life.


We believe; albeit the cultural differences globally, sports provide us all a level playing field to experience the most authentic ‘winning’ experience.


Whether you are a spectator or an athlete, we’re here to facilitate your journey of participation.

You’re here & we’ve met because

we all belong to one holy sports traveller community!

Tejas Kulkarni

Amateur Footballer | Leisure Cyclist

Tejas travelled to cheer his favourite club, Liverpool FC, when he was just 15. Since then, he has been globetrotting to watch and cheer his beloved athletes.

Tejas is a gold medalist during his MBA in Global Logistics and has worked worldwide as a Logistics Consultant.

At Sportizm, he takes avid interest in crafting itineraries that enrich your authentic travel experiences. In short, he is our ‘Chef des Ops’.

Sohum Kelkar

Cricket Fanatic

Sohum is an active club cricketer, traveller at heart and law graduate by profession. His insightful analysis in sports, especially in cricket, is second to none.

He conceptualized Sportizm and now has set out to inculcate and advocate the culture of travelling for sports. Meeting people, forging relations is his forte.


Daily, he inspires travellers to join in and experience the sporting glory.

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